Tue - Sat : 10:00 - 16:00
Tiger Academy, Unit 2, Camden wharf, Carroll's quay, Cork, Ireland


Nano-Broidery Course

All in one semi-permanent makeup course will take place in the Ambassador hotel Cork By Master Jessie Ting, Beauty insider award winner. We will be flying her team over.

Nano -Broidery is Semi-permanent makeup using Nanoneedles, which look more realistic very little pain and organic which lasts longer.

Day 1 to 3: Health, safety, and colour correction

Jessie and her team will do live demos on the following

  • Brows Nano brows 3D and 6D using the microblade
  • Ombré brows using the microblade – You will do this on fake skin Powder Browse using the Nanomachine combo brows this is using your hair strokes and your Nanomachine.
    • Lip embroidery – This is colouring and lining lips, completely pain-free I did it myself.
    • Eyeliner using the microblade and the Nanomachine.

Day 4: You will receive a free B.B. glow skin foundation facial demo and do semi-permanent makeup on a live model. Insane kit included which has all organic pigments FDA approved. Machine for nanoneedles and can be used for the micro blading ad-glow foundation.

Day 5 (A B.B. Glow Course): This is an add-on, can be done on its own covering

  • B.B glow skin facial
  • Pumpkin peel facial
  • Milia removal
  • Skin tag removal
  • Black carbon facial
  • Plasma pen

The kit included here also. You will receive constant support with videos to support you also.

All in one course with kit and machine 3950 Payment plans available.

Very limited places.